My word of the day: Incubation – a learning experience from a WebMob Thailand’s meetup

It was my first experience to join a meetup group called WebMob Thailand, an open community group that has similar interest in web and mobile technology. The attendee was surprisingly large. I think it was well over 150 people and we were gathered in a medium-sized bar located just 100 meters from my office in Sukhumvit area.

There were 3 presenter during the gathering: Alpha Founders, a venture capitalist company that were looking for talents, new startup opportunity; Crowdonomic, a Singapore’s based crowdfunding company which shared their success story and also looking for talents, investors and startup opportunity; and the last was from, the biggest portal company in Thailand. They were sharing their success stories how they’ve increased the traffic site by 300% and they are also building mobile messaging application, WeChat, that uses geo-location base feature that let brands do marketing program and pinpoint sales promotions to a selected target of customers.

The attendees were not less interesting people than the speakers. Mostly are startup founders, creative designers, angel investors, mobile technologist and social media consultants.

Interestingly, there are similar topics from the presenters. The VCs, the founders and the senior technologist were talking about what is important in their organization; how to select the best talent; how to create a positive working culture; and how to create a product that is useful to the users.

There was 1 thing that I really learn from the gathering. One single word, which was my word of the day: incubation. The word was repeatedly mentioned by the speakers and somehow it struck me.

Incubation is a very common word in startup world. Incubation is a program designed to help startup to go to the next phase, from a small business to medium to a big company. It includes mentoring programs, funding assistance, business services, provide insight and experience and sharing their social network to other experts. According to Wikipedia, once a startup is done with the incubation period, they will be called incubator graduate, a successful completion of business incubation program to become a steady business for longer term.

In summary, my take for the word incubation is: mentoring, assistance and sharing.



Eka Aulia is a professional in financial sector with over 9 years experience. He specializes in Business Analytics, CRM strategy and Talent Analytics. He has broad international experience, having lived and worked in 5 cities in 5 countries: New York, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Bangalore and Jakarta. In his spare time he loves to run, read books, drinks a good cup of coffee and listens to jazz music. And he's a triathlete wannabe :) Connect with him on LinkedIn:

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